Our purpose is to improve our client’s profits by providing unique industry expertise that will enable them to maximize profits from the disposition of their scrap metal generated from their business activities. 

ScrapSource representatives work closely with each client in order to gain an intimate understanding of their organization. Our program analyzes all facets of the ways our clients handle their scrap metal generated from their plant operations. After we identify opportunities for increased profits, we then develop creative, tailor-made solutions to optimize the value of their scrap and related materials management programs. 

In addition to our program we also offer our clients the following services:

  • We share our industry knowledge with our clients in a collaborative effort to optimize the disposition of their scrap metal.  
  • Process Improvement Program to be implemented to all phases dealing with the disposition of scrap metal, including continuous improvement program to be administered on a daily basis. 
  • Provide consolidated reports tailored to customers needs.